Starting in March of 2009, the Cañon Literacy Center is now in its 14th year of operation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We have since evolved into a regional effort that receives support from a broad base of individual donors, businesses, corporations, schools, and more recently, foundations. We are very proud to partner with the local Fremont County Schools to offer 3 semesters of tutoring on a year-round basis.

Our all-volunteer tutoring staff is the engine of our existence and has completed over 30,000 hours of community service since inception.


The Peak Reader® program meets all state educational standards and National Literacy strategies and also addresses the one statistic that defines our mission: 35-40% of all elementary students in Colorado are reading below grade level.

Using the Peak Reader® curriculum, tutors target the child’s specific reading needs, and work to improve the child’s reading level over the course of each semester.

Independent evaluations show that over 90% of our students improve their reading skills each semester!

The tutor provides the child with confidence to succeed. The ability to read and learn guarantees the child economic security and social stability in our communities.

Readiness for Reading Class

The Canon Literacy Center offers a Readiness for Reading class to expose children preparing for and attending kindergarten to letter recognition, sounds, rhyming words, phonemic awareness and concepts of print which are skills needed to be ready to read.